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fireworks in washington this morning. new word from both sides of the tax cut battle. we'll hear the latest on the debt ceiling. a big weekend in florida. the closing arguments expected in the casey anthony trial. the big question did the defense drop the ball on a key witness? fast food nation. not the united states, but russia. it's the american invasion of the former soviet union where you're going to find surprising places to eat. skyrocket on the fourth of july. not fireworks but prices. we're going to tell you how much this independence day celebration will cost you. good morning, everyone, i'm
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alex witt. fascinating new twists in the sex assault case against the former head of the imf. first, a big weekend in orlando in the casey anthony murder trial. closing arguments scheduled for tomorrow as the case enters its final phase. friday saw dramatic testimony from the employer of cindy anthony, that's casey's mom. the employee refuted sipdy's testimony that she searched for the term chloroform on her home computer because he say she was at work at the time. >> it appears to be from on the screen there's activity throughout the account throughout this user i.d. through the afternoon. >> lilia is live for us in orlando. a good saturday morning to you, lilia. there was a lot of tension in that courtroom engine friday. what else did the prosecutors include in their rebuttal? >> reporter: there certainly was, alex. not only were they able to prove that she was at work and not at home when the searches were being made, but there were no
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searches for chloroform, bamboo or how bamboo would interact with a dog. there was no search for hand sanitizer along the days that cindy anthony said she was making those searches which is what she used to say that led her to the searches for chloroform. they explored to the lead investigator. he had the phone records for both cindy and george anthony's cell phones. as you recall cindy anthony said on the day that caylee died basically that now we know caylee died she found the pool ladder attached to the pool and she immediately called george to ask him. now they say there were no such calls made between the cell phones. we heard from a forensic pathologist who said -- i'm sorry a frepsic anthropologist who discredited the critique on the medical examiner's autopsy. dr. spits said dr. g's autopsy
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was shoddy. and now this other expert says, no. it wasn't. she did the right thing. she did not have to open caylee's skull as dr. spits recommended. pretty big points tackled right there by the rebuttal witnesses yesterday. >> absolutely. i know we're going to get into that with our legal analysts what that means. how about tomorrow with closing arguments? they're definitively set for sunday morning? >> reporter: they are. it's supposed to start tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. beginning with the prosecution then the defense's turn and then the prosecution gets the last word at which point the case goes to the jury. the jury receives instructions from judge perry and deliberations might begin as early as tomorrow afternoon. we don't know when -- how long that will take for the jury. >> no, we don't. we will see. thank you so much. also a bit later, we're boing to talk to the former attorney for george and cindy anthony about whether she could face perjury charges now.
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be sure to stay with msnbc for live coverage of the trial tomorrow morning. fireworks already in washington this holiday weekend. more as -- >> it would be nice if we could keep everything. but we can't afford them. because if we choose to keep those tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires or hedge fund managers or corporate jet owners or for oil and gas companies pulling in huge profits without our help, we'll have to make even deeper cuts somewhere else. >> we're live at the white house. go sat morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, alex. >> the gop they're heading back today. >> you'd better believe it. you put away your armageddon clock last may 21st when the word didn't come to an end. today is july 2nd. one month from today, august 27bd, the administration, private economists, many people
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on wall street saying we are headed towards an economic catastrophe if a deal on the credit debt ceiling isn't struck by then. that is the date the treasury secretary has said the country will default on credit. they will have to decide who to pay back debtors or the eldly with medicare and social security. the two sides seem no closer to an agreement after a week of rhetoric. you heard the president talking about the fact that republicans refuse any kind of tax hikes including quote unquote spending in the tax code. what that translates to is closing carpet tax breaks for corporate jets for some of the wealthier americans. the president is really using that as a symbol to bash republicans. republicans for their part call that class warfare. they say it's unfair and not only that, they think it's going to be a political loser for the president. today senator dan coats a former senator from indiana is back now representing the hoosier state. he had the response from
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republicans. >> unfortunately the president's economic plan of spending and borrowing has failed. now is the time for decisive leadership from this president. it's time to cast aside the false safety of political denial and re-election hopes and put the future of our country above all else. ? and alex, as you can see we are in the shouting stage here. meanwhile the administration says there has to be a deal in place by july 22nd they won't have it be able to pass congress by the second of august. alex? >> i'm loving i've got to dig out that armageddon clock. thank you. minnesota state parks and campgrounds are closed this morning after a standoff over the budget led to a government shutdown. state offices, highway rest stops and the lottery the closed. 23,000 state workers are laidoff. the republican controlled state
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legislature and the governor cannot agree on closing the deficit. >> the republicans insist that inkweelity continue so that millionaires do not have to pay $1 more in taxes. so far they have. >> the fact that this fiscal crisis affecting state budgets has done on for well over three years means that the decisions about what to do get harder each progressive year. >> no new talks are expected before tuesday. the national conference of state legislatures says 31 states began the budget season with deficits totaling more than $86 billion. more than 1600 florida state employees are looking for work. they were laid off friday in an effort to patch a $4 billion hole in that state's budget. another 562,000 began paying into their pension plans for the first time in 37 years. now to the new and shocking events surrounding the case of
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dominique strauss-kahn. he is not under house arrest, but still faces charges. this could be the beginning of the end for the case against strauss-kahn. nbc's ron allen is joinings us from the courthouse with the latest on that. what is the latest there? >> reporter: just absolutely maeding turn of events in court yesterday. stunning the prosecutors were so confident in this case. remember they took this gentleman off a plane when he was trying to head to france to bring him for prosecution. a very high profile defendant. now there are new revelations about the accuser. that's why this case seems to be falling apart. with his wife by his side and a smile on his face, dominique strauss-kahn left court. free of a $6 million bond. he returned to his luxury townhouse, but he's no longer required to stay there under house arrest. which cost him some $200,000 per month. a dramatic contrast to the may perp walk that led to his
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resignation as head of the imf and seemed to ruin his chances of becoming president of france. but his attorneys claimed vindication. >> it's so important in this country that people especially the media reserve their judgment on the facts of a case until they are all in. >> there will be no rush to judgment in this case. >> reporter: in court prosecutors had admitted strauss-kahn's accuser a 32-year-old woman from west africa has made numerous, conflicts and false statements. starting with the claim she was gang raped and fleeing a brutal government when she applied for asylum in the u.s. in 2004. in a letter prosecutors wrote she stated that she fabricated the statement. in may after the ald attack at this luxury hotel, the woman had said she ran to the hallway and reported the crime to a supervisor. but prosecutors say she later admitted she proceeded to clean a nearby room and then returned to suite 2806, strauss-kahn's
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room and began to clean before she reported the incident to a supervisor. >> after the indictment against the defendant was filed, we continued as an office to investigate the case rigorously as we do and are onbly gaited to do. that investigation raised concerns about the complaining witness's credibility. >> reporter: sources close to the investigation say the woman called a suspected drug dealer after the incident to discuss how to profit from it. her attorney pleaded her case before a crush of international media. >> it is a fact that the victim here made some mistakes. but that doesn't mean she's not a rape victim. >> reporter: he claims she was bruised. her stockings torn and that there's forensic evidence of a sexual attack. >> the interesting thing will be to determine whether a jury will ever be allowed to weigh strauss-kahn's word against the hotel maid's word or whether
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prosecutors will decide to dismiss this case. >> reporter: that's exactly what the woman's attorney fears now that prosecutors will choose to not go forward with this case. he says the woman will come out of hiding. plead her case publicly and plead for justice. there is one key restraix that strauss-kahn faces, he cannot leave the country. prosecutor haves his passport. the next court date is july 18th. between now and then his attorneys will be working very hard to have the case dismissed against him. >> alex? >> thanks so much. we'll see you again. let's go now to the weather picture this holiday weekend. take a look of this video of lighten striking the willis tower in chicago. you can see the sparks on that one. the storm brought wind gusts and golf ball sized hail which left 30,000 without pourt this week. and with your forecast, bill karins. good saturday morning, bill. >> good saturday morning to you, alex. the weather pattern looks pretty
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nice. we're not going to see many people with a washed out weekend. if anything it's going to be hotter than we like. the trouble travel spot this morning, so. showers and isolated thunderstorms through ohio around interstate 70. cleveland's looking okay. around columbus, and sinn be prepared for a few downpours. severe weather it's going to be scattered. the area in yellow the chance of a strong thunderstorm. cleveland, detroit, right through the lower great lakes. even st. louis could see an isolated storm. not going to ruin your day. let me take you through your holiday forecast. areas of green the chance of wet woert. showers and thunderstorms as we mentioned in the great lakes to northern ohio valley. scattered storms around gulf and a few scattered showers in nebraska. west coast looks great. east coast just fine. sunday's weather that cold front
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will spark showers and afternoon storms in new england. as we go through monday, that's the fourth of july forecast, that front sags further south. it looks like in raleigh and charlotte could see the worst weather with showers and storms. much of the country is look fabulous. alex i don't think many fireworks shows will be warked out either. >> thank you, bill karins. where is baby kate? a search is underway in michigan for a missing 4-month-old little girl. hear why her mother think she's still alive. al qaeda under pressure. new information reveals from bin laden's hideout reveals how worried he was about the terror organization. and the fast food frenzy in russia. while fast, cheap food is taking while fast, cheap food is taking moscow by storm. ...was it something big? ...or something small? ...something old?
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closing arguments are scheduled in the casey anthony trial tomorrow. it is expected to be another riveting day of courtroom drama. the prosecution finished its rebuttal friday followed up on testimony by casey's mom cindy. cindy said she was the one who looked up chloroform on the family computer. prosecutors called a computer expert as well as cindy's employer to refute that. >> when you searched for chlorophyll, you said there were no hits during the keyword searches. >> that is correct. >> joining me now live attorney mark. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> glad to have you back here. the question is with the way you've been following this trial, what is your biggest take away at this pont? >> reporter: i think that simply the defense bombed. i think that it was completely disjointed defense.
7:18 am
i think the promises they made in opening argument are not going to be forgotten by the jury. how can you go in and talk about a drowning, talk about sex abuse and you don't put on one sentence, one word, one sill ball of evidence to present to that jury. the burden was not theirs, but they made the burden theirs when they made the promises. the jury's not going to forget that. >> what about casey's mom cindy. the prosecution had witnesses and refuting her claims that she was the one who did the internet search for the chloroform on the family computer. after he learned what her employer said, is there any way that cindy could have done those searches for chloroform and chlorophyll? >> what i took away from that is if the jury believes the representative, then all roads end up leading to casey can'tny. there are no other roads. what's significant about that is
7:19 am
the chloroform being an instrument of death if it's only her left typing many the chloroform, the chloroform traces in the trnk of the car, that at a minimum leads to aggravated child abuse. there's no reason, no justification whatsoever for having chloroform with a child. as a result of that, if you have aggravated child abuse leading to death in florida, that's first-degree murder. >> what about cindy anthony now if it's proven that she lied on the stand. could she face perjury charges? >> i really don't get into that. having formerly represented them, i've always stayed away from those areas. i would be beyond surprise first-degree the state proceeds any further in any rair areas of that regard. the relate is the key from that all other roads are only going to end one casey any. what's going to continue to be the focus of the state, i believe. >> what about the defense's
7:20 am
argument that casey's death was not first-degree murder? do you think that from what you've seen that has been proven? >> if they want to get first-degree murder -- there's two first-degree murders that can be approached here. the first one is count one. count one is the traditional premade tags. if you're going to establish premeditation, you have to go to the 31 days. why? because you don't have a person acting the way she did if in fact you have a child. your own child die unexpectedly. accidentally. you don't go out and rent movies that day. you don't go out and spend the next day in bed with your boyfriend. you don't go out and steal and go into hot body contests and get tattoos. those are not the actions of somebody who lost their child accidentally. they are the actions of somebody who with forethought said, good-bye, and they went ahead and moved on to another life. that's how they're going to get
7:21 am
count one. count two would be the chloroform issue. some would say the tape. i'm not as convinced with the tape. the state has issues showing the tape was not applied post mortem. with the reality is the tape or chloroform is count two aggravated child abuse leading to death. opportunity one the premeditation going into her actions, her behaviors after her child, after caylee anthony died. >> we're going to have you back next hour. i want to ask you to think about what you expect in closing arguments. i want your prediction? i'm going to put you on there and see if you'll give that to us what you think is going to happen in this case. thanks so much. this forth of july weekend is not just a great weekend for barbecues. it's a very popular weekend for shopping. a look at just how big the sales are coming up next. f!
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across the nation this morning a search for a missing 4-month-old baby. in michigan they're trying to find the infaint named kate who's been missing since
7:25 am
wednesday. police and volunteer firefighters searched an area. the man who may be the father of the child is in police custody, but the baby's not been found. the family says the child's mother is helping look for her baby. >> she just tells me they're out looking. she gets up early in the morning and she looks until late at night. >> if anybody has her, her mother needs her bad. her mother loves her very much. >> the grandmother says they're hoping that the father left baby kate with some friends. this fourth of july ale hole day weekend is about flags and frosty brews. how much will americans spend for this fun? looking to our economic analyst. first of all, what are we buying? the national retail federation does a survey every year. they found we're more patriotic this year than ever. a lot of americans over 20% are going to buy something
7:26 am
patriotic, something red, white and blue, a flag. something for the yard spending on our travel, resorts. all of that stuff. 31 million americans are going to be traveling versus 27 million last year. people are out there having fun. >> absolutely. and part of the fun, the big food, the barbecues and the likes. how much are we spending on that? >> a lot. 64% of us will be attending or hosting a barbecue this year. it's the same statistics we see year in and year out. we're spending $61 on the cookouts. up a little bit from last year. hot dogs, hamburgers buns. we eat 150 million hot dogs over the forth. total cookout spending coming to $2.3 billion. >> a lot of that on food. >> how many cookouts are we looking at? >> 40 million cookouts attended by 235 million americans. >> wow. >> most of us are going to a cook out. it's the all american past time. nice weather, nice to hang out with your family and friends and eat. >> i'm thinking with the heat you choose between say maybe beer owine coolers.
7:27 am
this is a bigger beer weekend. >> beer. it's the biggest weekend for beer sales. 64 million cases of beer consumed, bought. look at that. that's the good stuff. maybe that's the craft beer. beer sales this time of year beats out memorial day, beats out la boar day. bets out super bowl sunday. i think with the hot weather people will be having a few. a few. >> we're going to a barbecue. >> i'm sure you are at some point. >> i'll tell you later. thanks so much. an early independence day celebration in ohio. columbus held its fireworks display last night. the city traditionally holds the event friday closest to the fourth. that's a beauty right there. my doctor told me calcium
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it's msnbc saturday. i'm alex witt. while more than 39 million americans are expected to travel this holiday weekend, aaa says is the.5% less than last year. in minnesota all state parks are include maryland the government shutdown that began yesterday after law make irs failed to reach a budget agreement. all but the most critical state functions have been suspended. the vice president of venezuela is assuring the country that chavez is still in command. he revealed he is beating treated for cancer in cuba. in havana bloggers gathered to argue for greater internet access. only 3% of cuba has sk sesz to the internet. a street in praying has been named after ronald reagan.
7:32 am
condoleeza rice unveiled the street name. an honor to regan's fall of communism. those are your fast five headlines. a big break in the case against dominique strauss-kahn. he was released from house arrest friday after doubts were revealed about the woman who accused him of sexual assault. the former head of the international monetary fund must remain many dust. his lawyers may ask for all the charges to be dismissed now. joining me from paris is christopher dicky of news-week and the daily beast. governing. >> good morning, alex. >> how did this case go wrong? >> oh, well, you know, when someone comes to the police and says i've been raped or the victim of a sexual assault, the police are used to dealing with people who tell only partial stories, but they listen again and again and again for consistency. this woman who accused dominique strauss-kahn was very consistent over days and weeks and then many weeks of testimony.
7:33 am
the problem was that it turned out that she had rehearsed other testimony about other rapes when she was applying for political asylum. when they found that out, and found out essentially what a good actress she could be, that threw everything up in the air. >> let's face it. the fact is there's is dna evidence to prove there was an exchange there in that hotel room. so all of this is muddling up what happened to the point that, i guess it could make it look like was this is a set up? something happened between them? a forcible or a set up or consensual. is that what the dilemma is? >> that is what the dilemma is. in terms to have prosecution of dominique strauss-kahn it has to have been from the prosecution's point of view it has to have been a forcible situation. he has to have forced this woman
7:34 am
to commit -- have oral sex with him. which if you think about it is not that easy a thing to do if there's no weapon, no physical intimidation. and if it wasn't that, then what was it? was he paying her? we haven't heard about any exchange of money? was it a setup. was it a set up where she volunteered to do this? we do have evidence of some very shady connections in her life. including with a man who's described by her friends as an ex-husband who's in jail in arizona on drug charges and who according to people in the african community in new york had a reputation for all kinds of petty fraud, credit card scams, that kind of thing. >> indeed, you write about the conversation they had a ethnic group in west africa. but apparently in this kfgs which they had in this dialect,
7:35 am
you write that she when translated says, don't worry this guy is a lot of munch i know what i'm doing. that's particularly damning. >> that's according to a law enforcement source quoted by "the new york times," in fact. it's a very -- you know, i would like to see the transcript. i haven't seen the transcript. that is incredibly damning if that is an accurate translation. >> a point should be made it took quite some time to get that translation. this is an obscure dialect. things could be lost in translation. let's make that point. i am most curious, christopher about the reaction in france. what's that been like? >> it's been -- it's been incredible. i mean, it's been very much like when the initial news broke back on may 15th. everybody thought this is the most incredible thing they've ever heard. now it's as if he's come back from the grave. all of a sudden he's this speckor haunting french politics. is he going to run for president? is he not? is he going to be a figure
7:36 am
behind the scenes in french politics? >> where does he fit in now? nobody knows. >> there is a guy that was reportedly on the fast track to potentially pushing out nicolas sarkozy as the president. he's vastly popular, right? >> well, the thing that's important is that nicolas sarkozy's vastly unpopular. if we've been talking two months ago, even two months ago, about strauss-kahn we would have said there's every chance that he will be the next president of france. but a a lot has happened in the last two months. not only has he been arrested. not only has he had to resign from the international monetary fund. but people who are going to may way for him many the socialist party so he could run for president with the united backing of the party, a lot of them have declared their own kand dassys. it's a very confused political situation. it's a question whoever he did with this woman in the suite in may in new york, his record now
7:37 am
of the way he's treated other women over the years, over a lifetime is such that it's going to be very hard to sort of make people forget that. >> right. there is so much that's coming to the table in this case. it's absolutely fascinate. christopher dicky has written a great article. thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you, alex. 25 years after her fairy tale wedding on cape cod, maria shriver has now filed for divorce from husband around schwarzenegger. the kennedy family heiress is trying to move on privately, but with two personalities as large as theirs, the news is hardly going unnoticed. >> reporter: after arnold schwarzenegger acknowledged not only having an affair, but having a child with a member of his household staff, perhaps divorce didn't come as a surprise. maria shriver's filing still made headlines and sad ones. citing irreconcilable differences her divorce petition
7:38 am
seeks the obvious, spousal divorce and attorney feese. most notably she's requesting joint custody of the couple's two teenage sons. an indication some say this is not mept to be nasty. >> they're going to try to make at least the child custody and vilt tags portion amicable. >> the couple's children were the center piece of the only public comment schwarzenegger has made since the two announced their separation back in may. >> we both love each other very much. we're very fortunate that we have four extraordinary children. and we're taking one day at a time. >> the court documents show no hint of a prenup, which means california's former first lady could be entitled to at least half of schwarzenegger's assets. that could be substantial. several of schwarzenegger's biggest hits including "terminator 2" were made during the marriage. and the former governor still retains the intellectual property rights from much of his
7:39 am
on camera work back to his body building days. >> maria will clearly be seeing hundreds of millions of dollars in this situation. >> neither side had any comment on the divorce. schwarzenegger has stayed out of the spotlight. shriver has been seen on hikes and walks even in greece for the special olympics determined to move on but do so privately as much as both sides had hinted at reconciliation, it seems now that's no longer an option. before his death, osama bin laden's al qaeda organization was facing major problems. information found by u.s. navy zeals when they invatd bin laden's compound in pakistan show the strains inside bin laden's terror network. he was spending as much time dealing with al qaeda's struggles as he was dealing with no terror attacks. good morning. >> good morning, alex. >> what's this information telling us? >> a great deal about the organization which was now
7:40 am
fragmented, difficult to control and finance. apparently riddled with trade traitors. it demonstrates that osama bin laden was obsessed with the follow up attack on the united states after 9/11. despite the fact that lots oof people in the organization wanted to work harder to establish a -- across the muslim war. he was focused on the united states and a big follow up, a big splashy attack which never occurred. >> all this from this new report in "the washington post" telling us al qaeda groups were complaining about the drone attacks which shows that they were working. >> they were indeed. matter of fact a large number of complaints about drone attacks. he himself in several emails talked about his concern that his ranks were being thinned. the leadership ranks were being thinned by drone attacks. what did that mean? how were we getting the information to make the attacks? the answer is traitors. he was obsessed with the fact
7:41 am
that the al qaeda organization had traitors in it. trying to find some way to root them out and find them. but to not avail. lots of complaints about that. >> okay. what about money? they were running dry of money? >> like any chief operating officer of an organization that's been busted up in a number of different places, he's infesht. he's trying to run it from a long way away. they didn't have any money. there was one email in which one of the subordinate operators was complaining about the fact he couldn't operate for want of a few thousand dollars. osama bin laden talking about how maybe they needed to do kidnappings, hold people for ransom, do something in order to generate funds. this is a far different picture than we have been led to believe before. and is really a big treasure of information about al qaeda and gives us information about how we're going to go about attacking them in the future.
7:42 am
indeed a large number of attacks we've done since osama bin laden has been killed has been done as a result of the information we got at the site. >> they've been taking out people. last question, jack, is there evidence that osama bin laden was still obsessed with attacking the united states? >> oh, yeah. if you had to say that was his focus, that's his focus. it's very interesting. if you poll people in his organization whom they needed to attack it would be israel, syria, egypt and so on. osama bin laden was just focused on following up the attack on the united states. and this if anything more than anything actually demonstrates the wide intellectual separation between osama bin laden on the one hand and what we see happening in the arab world today. >> okay. colonel jack jacobs. many thanks. >> you're welcome. busy day on tap for the royals of canada. the duke and duchess will leave ottawa for montreal. they will head to quebec city tomorrow. the royal couple will arrive in
7:43 am
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royals of canada. [ male announcer ] introducing the ultimate business phone --
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and work securely around the world so you can get back to playing "angry birds." it's the android-powered phone that mixes business with pleasure. so let's get our work done, america, so we can all get back to playing "angry birds." the motorola expert from sprint. trouble hearing on the phone? visit trips to the fast food joints used to be all about burgers and fries, but they're slowly becoming about booze. a couple of sonic restaurants in florida will begin selling beer and wine. that follows the lead of burger king and starbucks which offer alcohol at various locations. critics worry it's going to send the wrong message to kids. the u.s. may soon lose the crown as the fast food nation. the growing middle class in russia is consuming large quantities of america's fast food. so much so wendy's says it will open 190 restaurants across the area many the next ten years. we have more from moscow.
7:47 am
a good saturday morning to you. a little by of a delay there. is russia the new fast food nation? >> reporter: alex, good morning to you. they're not there yet. traditional russian tastes are changing. near 4 moscow you can find plenty of borsch and caviar. recently the food scene has taken on a decidely american flavor. over 20 years after mcdonald's first opened its doors in moscow, the golden arches are the undisputed king for fast food in russia. over the past few years, its near monopoly is being challenged. the newest kid on the block is wendy's who is betting big on opening its first restaurant in downtown moscow. >> not only the largest in moscow for us, it should be the largest wendy's in the world. >> reporter: wednesdayier's joins other chain restaurants in taking the moscow dining scene by storm. the number of chain outlets in
7:48 am
this city grew by 20% alone and know where are there more visible than many the pedestrian center. it's a trend russians outside the capital would welcome. spl i'd like them to open starbucks in my city. there is no dunkin' donuts, no starbucks, just mcdonald's. >> reporter: and an opportunity analysts say is wide open. >> for the fast food the regions that you don't really have anything just the traditional caves and bars and that's absolutely massive playing field. >> reporter: if there is any resentment at this american fast food invasion, you won't find it here. >> i think that there's not actually junk food. it is a fantastic thing, cheap, good quality. always, always friendly to people. and i think it is one of the best things which happen here. >> reporter: a popular sentiment which bodes well for all
7:49 am
american fast food players both old and new. they're not just content to set up in russian cities. the ceo of wendy's say they plan on getting wendy's on russian train cars. we could see wendy's zipping across the rails through all of russia's nine time zones. >> unbelievable. okay. we'll talk to you again later this morning. and check out some folks in tell avive who know how to keep cool. this water fight at the fountain yesterday is a tradition. yesterday is a tradition. it's the seventh straight year. inside all of us is a compass
7:50 am
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7:52 am
>> being part of breakfast at wimbledon -- >> tennis's grandest champion. >> it's the biggest moment in our sport. >> it's surreal. you feel like you're living a dream.
7:53 am
despite the holiday weekend, closing arguments are scheduled for tomorrow, sunday, and the prosecution and defense are spending today preparing. the 25-year-old florida mom charged with murdering her 2-year-old daughter, caylee. the defense says the toddler accidentally drowned. karen desoto, former prosecutor, and keith sullivan, defense attorney. good morning to you. sfoo good morning, alex. s. >> this is all happening on a sunday. how unusual is that, karen? >> that's really unusual. but, you know, i have to say that judges are pretty good about going to the jury and saying, lisp, i'm going to give you a couple of options. do you guys want to come in sunday and then have monday off, or do you want to do saturday or -- they'll ask, and then they'll say no, your honor, we don't have a problem with that. >> they just want to get it done. >> keith, how much concern do you have over fourth of july looming right there? you get something on the sunday, and anybody thinking, well, maybe let's just get through
7:54 am
this or are you not worried? >> a lot of times jurors will rush a verdict through based upon the circumstances of their life and the cal dendarcalendar. it's very important thaw use the clock and you use their time, so you have to bring them in on a sunday and work. >> well, we'll get to all that more tomorrow. let's look at what happened yesterday because the state brought in this rebuttal witness, and this was an employer for cindy anthony, casey's mom, who said basically during her and cindy anthony's testimony, saying, you know, i was the one who searched for chloroform and did it on the computer, and this man is saying actually she was at work. what does that do to the testimony? >> well, it makes her look like a really good mom trying to lie for her daughter, but as far as the premeditation, it kind of puts that back on the table a little bit there. i mean, listen, is it a juror ultimately going to say over a computer search the difference between premeditated murder and aggravated manslaughter? probably not, but it's out there, and now you know that she
7:55 am
lied and their credibility is, again, in question. >> do you believe that cindy anthony sfasing perjury charges? >> i'm sure keith can attest to this. i've had people lie on the stand with three different statements lying about very serious things like rape and lying for their kids. never charged with perjury. it's one of the biggest problems is that people can lie about raping and get on the stand and tell three different stories, and the prosecutor's office doesn't even touch them. >> okay, keith. we look at the prosecutor's case. it's largely based on circumstantial evidence. i mean, there's been statements out there many times that we may never know exactly how little kalely anthony died, so we've got these jurors there, these 12 jurors and the five alternates, indonesia are just average citizens rsh how do they process this? how much do they personalize this as posed putting on a professional juror's hat? >> how they process it is through the expert, dr. voss. we talked about the vapor component test, the sniff test,
7:56 am
and i think that overall maybe some of the strongest evidence for the prosecution will be the most damaging and hurtful evidence for the prosecution on appeal. that evidence should have never come into the courtroom, and what's disturbing is that they didn't need it. four lay witnesses took the stand and said i have smelled death, and that was death. this test doesn't -- the smell test doesn't pass the frye standard, which is a u.s. supreme court test. why judge perry let it in is mind-boggling and lowers the standard. >> do you think that could help, let's say, potentially convict casey this time, but then on appeal, it's, like, oh-oh. >> after he said that i said she should go into court every day and take thank you judge. retrials always favor the defense. >> we've fwot to get to the defense. what they did was say that casey had been sexually abused by her father and caylee was accidentally drowning in the
7:57 am
pool and the dad helped cover it up. is that the best defense? >> yeah. you know, he did a pretty good job at knocking out the premeditation. thank god he didn't put her on the stand. really, you know, it was funny because i was talking to keith about this. even if she doesn't get the capital murder and she gets the aggravated manslaughter of a child, i think people will have a hard time understanding that that's still a first degree crime. plus, if the judge when he sentenced her can do it consecutively. so she could be doing just as much time as if she got the premeditated, but -- >> but that would take death peblt off the table. >> it would take the death penalty off the table, and clearly you saw cindy testify. she's trying to spare her daughter's life and proving that cindy lied on the stand. there there's no question about it. she's adopt whatting some consider the most damaging evidence that goes to prove premeditation, search for chloroform. >> all right, keith, karen, we'll have you back a lot.
7:58 am
sfwlirchlgts there are usually just 50 court seats reserved for the casey anthony trial, but for tomorrow's closing arguments, you'll get a front row seat. we'll give you live gavel to gavel coverage on msnbc sunday. a royal road show. the duke and duchess of cambridge, william and kate, right, on their first overseaed tour? we'll see how canada is celebrating the royal couple. doesn't she look great in purple? there you go. there's a new health study that may make you want to crack open a bottle of red wine even in the morning. yeah, we're going to explain that for you here on msnbc start. with these water-activated silkening ingredients and was transported to a lush paradise. my hair flowing with petal softness and glistening shine. now, that's paradise. [ female announcer ] clearly, someone's been doing the herbal. herbal essences collections... for softness and shine -- the way nature intended.
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